Suggested Questions for Authors Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman

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Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children

1. Briefly, what is the Attraction Principle and why should parents and educators be using it in their family or classroom?

2. Will using the Attraction Principle guarantee that I become a successful parent or teacher?

3. You write that we can create our own reality and that our children can do that too. Can you elaborate?

4. Why should children be learning the Attraction Principle? Wouldn’t that detract from learning to read, write, or keyboard efficiently?

5. At what age should a parent begin teaching the Attraction Principle to children? How do you explain this to little kids? What about teens?

6. What if my child is a bully or a not good in math? How can the Attraction Principle help me turn that negative into a positive?

7. What is the best example you can give of the Attraction Principle working in your children’s lives?

8. You believe that we can and should enable children to get whatever they want. Is that healthy? Isn’t it possible that this could contribute to an entitlement mentality? Or might it lead to disappointment when, as adults, they can’t always get what they want?

9. You say that an important aspect of rearing a successful child is to keep our thoughts, emotion, and attention on what we desire. Isn’t something missing here? What about action steps? What about doing something? Isn’t taking action toward a goal important?

10. You mention the importance of focusing on and giving attention to the positive so that we are sending out positive vibrations. Does that mean that a parent should praise often? And if a parent consistently praises their child will that guarantee that the child will turn out to be successful or happy?

11. Even if parents or teachers use the Attraction Principle regularly, are you suggesting they ignore such perfectly human feelings as doubt, sadness, anger etc.?

12. How does your book differ from other parenting books on the market? What separates it form the rest of the pack?