Sound Bites from Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children

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“All parents and children are presently using the Attraction Principle with their children whether they know it or not. Some are using it consciously with intentionality. Others remain unconscious of how they are implementing it in their lives. Both groups are using it, nonetheless.”

”Many children do not realize they create their own reality. That’s not hard to believe when you realize that many adults aren’t aware of that fact either.”

“If you think about your child’s bullying, talk about it, or worry about it, you are attracting more of that into her life and into your present reality.”

"While as parents we are called upon to make thousands of management decisions daily, most of us fail to make conscious and purposeful decisions in the one area that could have the greatest influence on our children. We neglect to manage our own minds."

“If parents and educators invested more time on teaching children the Attraction Principle, reading, math, and other skills would be learned more quickly and more efficiently.”

“Children and adults will not manifest much if they take no action. Yet, all the physical action in the world will not overcome negative thought and emotion, doubt, disbelief, and unsupportive vibrations.”

"Many children have learned to deny, disown, and discount problems, sweeping them under the rug and pretending they don't exist. What these children need is a model of an adult who is committed to searching for solutions when problems arise."

"Solution seeking takes time. Yes, it is quicker simply to tell your children what to do. Yes, it is easier to come up with a solution yourself and require that it be implemented. Clearly, it is more efficient to do it yourself. But efficient does not always equate with effective."

"Trusting inner authority is not like a light bulb that parents can turn on when their child becomes thirteen. It doesn't work that way. An inner authority brightens slowly over time and grows brighter with regular use. If the inner voice is discouraged or lies dormant, it dims and grows weaker, depriving children of an important source of knowledge."

"Be the change you wish to see in your children. Change yourself and your vibrational energy first and notice how often your child responds appropriately."

“Children should be able to get whatever they want, taking into account health and safety limitations. Helping kids figure out what they want is empowering to them. It gives them a picture of something to shoot for, a goal, a mission, and a passion.”

“Helping children learn strategies to manifest their hearts desire increases their sense of personal power. It helps them see themselves as able, capable, and responsible.”

“Other books on the Law of Attraction focus on using the skills to build wealth, create health, find a soul mate, or attract a better job. Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children concentrates on using these valuable strategies for something far more important than wealth or a new job. It teaches people how to use these skills with children to strengthen their families, and improve parenting and teaching.”

“When you multitask you are teaching your children PFA, partially focused attention. This is not a helpful skill if you want to accomplish meaningful things in your life. Teach your children how to focus their attention with intentionality and purpose.”

“One of our jobs as teachers and parents is to help our children notice proof. Even the tiniest clue can bring hope and increased expectation that more is on the way.”

“Wanting and manifesting does not need to be exclusively for the benefit of one’s family. You can manifest for the charity of your choice, your parents, your church, or your favorite horse rescue ranch.”

“One of the important reasons to teach this material to our children is so they can teach it to us when we forget.”

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is your positive expectations of them.”

“If you think about your child as lazy and talk about it frequently, you are more likely to see her as lazy. If you see her as lazy, you are more likely to notice those times that could be interpreted as lazy. The more of those times you see the greater your belief becomes that your child is indeed lazy. The more incidences you notice where she appears lazy, the more proof your have that she is lazy. Armed with increasing proof, you think and talk more about her laziness. In time the child begins to see herself as lazy. Your prophecy has just come true and you have created your own reality.”

"When the parent is ready, the child appears. Assume the attitude that if a challenging child enters your life, it is no accident or random quirk of fate. He or she is there for a reason. Either you already have the skills to interact with and guide this child or you are ready to acquire them."

"Children intuitively know what they need to learn. They naturally involve themselves in activities and choose behaviors that help them learn and grow."