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Skill Training Resources for Parent and Teachers

Personal Power Press History

Chick Moorman and Thomas HallerSince its inception in 1981, Personal Power Press has served hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, “Our Classroom: We can Learn Together” was the first offering and is now in its 6th printing. Hearing the stories of changed lives of excited teachers, Personal Power Press slowly and thoughtfully expanded its product line to include books for parents, tapes, video, and additional books for teachers and couples. Schools, parent groups, churches, communities and families now benefit from the invaluable insights provided through Personal Power Press materials.

Once available only in the back of the room at workshops and seminars, Personal Power Press materials are now distributed throughout the country in national bookstores and online services. Word of mouth continues to be valuable sales technique as excited customers regularly tell friends and relatives, “This stuff works.”

Currently the publishing arm of Chick Moorman Seminars (Go visit Chick's Site Leave PPP.com) and Thomas Haller Seminars (Go visit Thomas's site Leave PPP.com), Personal Power Press is committed to developing new products that support parents and teachers in their efforts to raise responsible, caring, confident children. Watch for our new and expanded product line as Personal Power Press continues to create materials that offer hope, love and encouragement to everyone working with young people today.