Fred the Mouse™ Book One: The Adventures Begin

by Reese Haller

Fred the Mouse.

Paperback book, 165 pages ($4.97)
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The Fred the Mouse™ book series is written by 8 year old author Reese Haller. Book one, The Adventures Begin, is a delightful story about a field mouse that learns to trust his intuition at the mouse scurry-and-scamper school. As a young author Reese writes what young children love to read. Your children will be inspired by the story and encouraged by its messages.

The Fred the Mouse™ book series exemplifies the power of family oral storytelling in the literacy development of children. This delightful book can be shared as a read aloud with young children and as an independent reading book for 2nd and 3rd graders.

As an added bonus you can invite Reese to your child’s classroom or to a teacher in-service. Reese will read from his book and explain how he used “the 6 traits of writing” when writing and publishing his Fred the Mouse™ book series. Teachers, parents, and students will be inspired and enlightened by Reese’s captivating message when he speaks about writing, publishing, and creating a love for writing in children.