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Personal Power Press, Inc. is a  publishing house committed to providing parents and educators with practical material for raising responsible children.

Personal Power Press’ goal is to support parents and teachers in their efforts to create responsible, caring, confident children. To that end, we create and distribute practical, usual products that uplift, encourage, and inspire. Our materials are designed to empower parents and teachers so they can in turn empower others.


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This month we have combined the two newsletters to make an important announcement and provide you with a glimpse of the future. Next Month will have a Parent Newsletter and an Educator Newsletter with different content in each.



New Book by Alisa Divine


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Domestic Abuse is an emotional topic. It is shaming. Maybe it is even a secret.

Time to change the rules society has set.

We all witnessed the impact the #MeToo movement created — it increased awareness of abuse and it helped women to find their voices.

Now it is time to encourage others to move beyond the pain, and turn pain into power and purpose. Read the stories and view the photographs of the 21 women featured, who have done exactly that. 

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New Book by Thomas Haller


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Dissolving Toxic Masculinity

9 Lessons for Raising Boys to Become Empathetic, Compassionate Men

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Thomas Haller, President

Thomas Haller, , M.Div., LMSW, ACSW, CMFSW, DST, is a parenting and relationship specialist, the coauthor of seven highly acclaimed books, a psychotherapist maintaining a private practice (for 25 years) as a child, adolescent, and couples therapist, a sex therapist, and a chronic pain counselor. He is a Certified Master Forensic Social Worker, an AASECT certified diplomate of sexuality therapy, a certified EEG biofeedback technician, and a certified sports counselor.

Thomas is the chief parenting and relationship correspondent to WNEM TV 5 (CBS affiliate). He has also been the weekly radio personality for several years on two of Mid-Michigan's top rated radio stations, WIOG 102.5FM and WCRZ 107.9FM. Thomas has also been a featured guest on over 150 radio shows, including such notable programs as Oprah Radio, Play Boy Radio and The World Puja Network.

In addition, Thomas is the founder and director of the Healing Minds Institute, a center devoted to teaching others to focus and enhance the health of the mind, body, and spirit

Telephone:  989-239-8628

Alisa Divine

Alisa Divine specializes in portraits for women age 8 to 80, as a legacy builder. Alisa is founder of The More Than Beautiful Project, which was developed from a need she saw in young women to be seen and known for more than their physical appearance. She is on a mission to cultivate a new generation of women who are empowered to be the best versions of themselves and move forward in creating satisfying lives. In addition, Alisa is co-owner of Personal Power Press and provides content for women and mothers on establishing their own personal power in their personal lives, families and careers. Alisa lives in Frankenmuth, MI with her husband, Chris, and their eight children. If you would
like Alisa to speak at your event or group, you can contact her at:

Telephone: 989-737-9823

Katrina Jackson

Katrina Jackson is a professional educator with over 27 years of experience teaching special education students in grades K-12.  Her practical experience leaves her with a wealth of knowledge in communicating effectively with at risk students using verbally empowering intervention strategies. She is an enthusiastic and passionate facilitator with experience training several professional development models including Charlotte Danielson's Four Domains,

Great Expectations, Parent Talk System and the Teacher Talk Advantage. She has  trained Teacher Mentors to support and encourage new teachers. She is a graduate of the Teacher Leadership Academy as a trained facilitator for professional development.

Telephone: 989-450-6652

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